This OVF package requires unsupported hardware….virtualbox-2.2

A customer supplied OVA package failed to deploy due to the following error:


The problem here is that the OVA package was created in VirtualBox and the vSphere Client was not able to understand/process the the hardware information in the OVA package.

To resolve this issue we used the ovftool to extract the OVA package. It will convert its contents to into a vmx file and a corresponding vmdk file. We used the --lax option to relax the compliance checks so the extraction wouldn’t fail on non-critical errors. We ran the command below:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool -tt=vmx --lax "C:\OVF\Server2008R2.ova" "C:\NewOVF\Server2008R2.vmx"
Opening OVA source: C:\OVF\Server2008R2.ova
Opening VMX target: C:\NewOVF\Server2008R2.vmx
- The specified operating system identifier 'Windows2008_64' (id: 77) is not su
pported on the selected host. It will be mapped to the following OS identifier:
'Other (32-bit)'.
- Line 31: Unsupported hardware family 'virtualbox-2.2'.
- Line 72: OVF hardware element 'ResourceType' with instance ID '5': No support
for the virtual hardware device type '20'.
- Line 98: OVF hardware element 'ResourceType' with instance ID '8': No support
for the virtual hardware device type '35'.
Writing VMX file: C:\NewOVF\Server2008R2.vmx
Transfer Completed
- No manifest entry found for: 'Server2008R2-disk1.vmdk'.
- No manifest file found.
Completed successfully

After the vmx and vmdk files were extracted we then were able to import them into vCenter without any problems.

OVF Tool User’s Guide
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  • svanschu

    Great information. Worked well. Thanks.

  • japinator

    No problem. Glad it helped.

  • Conciencia Libre

    It work great, the first i tried was open the vmx file, but the vm wont work, show invalid state. Then i create a new virtual vm, with the custome functions i browse the vmx file and Work completelly fine.
    Thanks a lot

    • japinator

      No problem my friend. Happy to be of service.