PowerCLI one-liner to change PortGroup membership on all VMs in a cluster

In my previous post I provided a PowerCLI command to rename PortGroups across multiple hosts in an ESX/ESXi cluster. You would usually do this when making network segment/infrastructure changes. These would be done in two phases:

  1. Rename PortGroups and tag them with the new vlan(s).
  2. Move VMs from the old network segment (PortGroups) into the new one.

The following command would do it:

Get-Cluster "ESX Cluster" | Get-VM |Get-NetworkAdapter | Where {$_.NetworkName -eq "Inside-VLAN" } |Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName "DMZ-VLAN" -Confirm:$false

So the command connects to all the VMs running in Cluster ESX Cluster and changes the networks or PortGroups the vNICs are located in from Inside-VLAN to DMZ-VLAN. The last parameter -Confirm:$false suppresses the prompt to confirm the PortGroup changes.

PowerCLI one-liner to rename a PortGroup on all ESX/ESXi hosts in a cluster

It can be a huge hassle to manually rename PortGroups across multiple ESX/ESXi hosts in a cluster. This is where PowerCLI becomes super handy – the one-liner below will take of it:

Get-Datacenter London-DC | Get-Cluster "ESX Cluster" | Get-VMHost | Get-VirtualPortGroup -Name "Inside-VLAN" | Set-VirtualPortGroup -Name "DMZ-VLAN" -vlanid 1002

The above command connects into the London-DC Datacenter object and then to the Cluster ESX Cluster. It will get all the ESX/ESXi servers in the cluster by running Get-VMHost. It then locates the PortGroup called Inside-VLAN and renames it to DMZ-VLAN and tags it with vlan ID 1002.

If you have upwards of 5 ESX/ESXi hosts it will save you a lot of time and effort.