Install Telnet client on Server 2012 via PowerShell

20160614150939Every time I try to open the Telnet client on a new server I get a response stating that telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Meaning it isn’t installed, because the Telnet client is not installed by default. Installing it via the GUI is a hassle so instead we can do it via PowerShell.

To install the Telnet client on Server 2012 via PowerShell perform the following steps:

1. Open Powershell.
2. Run the command install-windowsfeature “telnet-client” per the below:


And that’s it, no need to even reboot :)

The Telnet client is now ready and waiting for some command line action.

How to perform a text based install (no GUI) on Centos 6

To perform a text based install of Centos, press Tab while Install or upgrade an existing system is selected, per the below:


Then a line of text will appear at the bottom beginning with vmlinuz per the below:


Go to the end of the line and enter the word text then hit Enter. You will then see the familiar screen:


Proceed with your text based install to your heart’s content!

How can I install Centos 6 without the gui?