How to ssh/scp between ESXi 6 hosts

20150924225507This is a quick post to show you how to enable ssh/scp between several separate ESXi 6 hosts. This is very useful if you need to send files from one host to another using scp. The whole process can be done within the vSphere client. The steps must be carried out on all the ESXi hosts that need to scp to each other.

The Steps

1. Log onto one of the ESXi hosts via the vSphere client.

2. Once connected, navigate to the Configuration tab, select Security Profile, on the right-hand side, go to the Services section and select Properties:


3.  In the Services Properties, scroll down to SSH and select Options. Ensure Start and stop with host is selected, then click OK to save:


4. Back in the Security Profile, in the Firewall section, select Properties, then check SSH Client & SSH Server. Click OK to save:


5. Perform the same steps on the other ESXi hosts.

6. You should then be able ssh onto either host and scp files to the other one:


7. The command to scp from one ESXi host to another is:

scp /vmfs/volumes/hyp1-local-1/ISO/Windows_Server_2008_R2.iso root@

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